about us


core values

we will take care of our students and parents at all times.

to do the right things the right way.

we endeavour to make rock students a trusted brand and company.

to expect quick, measurable results.

to help our partners and clients achieve specified targets.

to offer only the best accommodations.

we are good, visible operators in our communities.

our mission


to educate every student with warm, friendly customer service on their student accommodation journey.  

Partying with Friends

student accommodation 


We provide expert support to students and clients interested in booking student accommodation flats/rooms during the academic year. We can consult at any stage of your student letting cycle and our unparalleled breadth of experience and focus within this sector is often called upon from other property rental and tenants alike .


Rock Students have advised students from across the UK and worldwide about our sales process and on the best properties suited to your needs. We have a diverse range of clients all with different rooms, facilities, amenities and pricing with products tailored to offer you the best possible student experience ensuring your needs and requirements are fully met during your stay.


We can't wait to help you!

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Our Promise


What makes us different? we understand that you want the best accommodation experience possible. That's why we will tell you who can make that your reality. We don't do it for profit and we don't do it for company gains. We do it for our customers. 

if you are a student, you want to know you will be safe at night and love life during the day. We promise that by using our service we will give you honest advice about each individual accommodation you are considering until we find the right one for you.

We only advertise the best accommodations.

We don't mean accommodations with awards.

We mean accommodations that put students first and share our values.

We believe our honesty sets us apart.

our honesty will ensure you make the best decision for YOU.

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