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Dedicated to helping students live well and succeed.

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Ross Evans is an entrepreneur obsessed with how students cope and live while at university. He has worked with some of the biggest student accommodation brands in the uk and has helped over 10,000 students live well in a new home whilst at university.

mr evans started his career in student accommodation in 2011 as a sales assistant with unite students, learning from the ground up on how to sell to and help students settle in a new home whilst at university. after learning all he could he then went on to become assistant manager, property manager and city manager with some of the uk's biggest accommodation providers before starting rock students in 2019. he believes that we can all achieve our dreams and wants to help students coming to scotland flourish, live well and achieve everything they set out to.

Ross Evans has a loving family. he loves his girlfriend dearly and would put his relationship up against anybody's and believes his will be better. he loves his parents and is truly thankful for the gifts they have given him, making him the man he is today. he has 2 older brothers whom he see's as role models and is grateful for the relationships that he has with them. ross has 4 children who all have very different lives and struggles but he knows they will find a way to push through those obstacles and create a happy life. he loves them all with all of his heart.

Continual coaching while at university

Ross Evans coaching methods are completely new but taken from years of personal growth, mentorship and continual learning which has brought him to a time in his life that he is certain he can help you. certain he can guide you and certain that you can become whatever you want to be. join him on a journey of self exploration. we all know that change can happen in an instant but will it last? that is what he is here to guide you with.


what do you want you life to be? you are your own worst critic. if you can't trust yourself then trust me. Trust that I can help you but you have to do the work

- ross evans -