By Ross Evans

So first of all what does that mean?


Creating your own university experience is one of the most commonly misunderstood principles of university life you may encounter. I say this because so much pressure is put on universities to deliver student experiences up and down Scotland and with students expecting more every year and as student life changes, how can you as a student help create your university experience to be the best it can possibly be?

At this point, I must state that my thoughts are my own and have in no way been influenced by any university body or person, or student. My thoughts are my own built-up of my own personal philosophy which has helped me create a meaningful life with my family and I hope if this blog finds you that it helps you to discover what will make your university experience the most memorable time of your life. Anything you want in life comes with a price and this blog will have some work for you to do but I know that if you take just 20 minutes to do what I say it will absolutely be worth it.

If you have been keeping up with the news recently you will have seen university students are looking to cancel courses as universities aren't giving them what university life promises mainly due to Covid 19 and the need for online learning PLUS a constant need for face to face classroom learning as with learning, in order to fully learn it is best to be emersed in a learning environment which students right now aren't getting.


Now let's explore that for a minute because sometimes as students, parents, people we forget that we can create experiences in our own lives. I think we need to connect with that again. If we cast our minds back to 2 years ago, that is when the pandemic came along and brought not just Scotland but the world to a halt. Overnight most of the world was shut down and for so long we've had nothing to do, nowhere to go, told we can't see friends and family, told to get vaccinated, told to get a vaccine passport, and told and told and told and told. after being told what to do for so, so long we've almost forgotten we have the ability to decide what we want to do and what experiences we want to have in our lives.

So you might say Ross, that all sounds great but how do I do that? OK first of all university can only do so much for you. Look! It is a building with walls with good people and you are there to learn. It is of course more than that, there are events and clubs and unions and many other things which are all great but what will make your university experience even better are the experiences you build around the university.


I've been helping students for 10 years+ now and when (I ask what have you designed your student experience to look like) about 7/10 times I get a puzzled look and then a response of pubs, bars, and nightclubs which aren't bad things and absolutely enjoy yourself in Scotland but they don't have the depth or any lifetime real emotional moments that stay with you for life. So, for now, let's rewind quickly and if you have only just applied to university then you're in the right spot but if you are currently at university pretend for now to go back to when you had just applied to your chosen university. You're excited and you're waiting for your offer letter to come in the post and day after day you hope it comes and it still doesn't come and then you think maybe they have forgotten about me? So you check chat forums and see what the deal is and if anyone has got theirs and nobody does and!

And now is the time to start planning and creating your own university experience. This is the time to start planning your journey into what you want your experience to be! In the state when you are excited, this is the time to start putting the story into place. Now here comes what to do and this is the work I was talking about earlier in the blog.


Number -1. Grab a pen and paper

Number -2. start to research places and plan your experience

Number -3. The list might change and that's OK.

What I want you to do is think about all the things and experiences you would like to do in Scotland and make a list of 12 absolute musts that you cannot miss out on when you are here. If possible do at least one a month if you can squeeze in the time and if you can bring friends along for the ride.

So what does that look like?

What is on your list?

An old firm match with Rangers and Celtic? Official Celtic Football Club Website |

Maybe just your first Subway ride? Subway | SPT | Strathclyde Partnership for Transport

A trip to Edinburgh/ Edinburgh Castle

Paintball? West Glasgow Paintball - Best Paintball in Scotland | Delta Force

A weekend in loch Lomond? #LetsDoNetZero - Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National ...

Bunjee jump? Titan Crane Bungee Jump Glasgow Scotland UK

Visit Monuments? THE 10 BEST Scotland Monuments & Statues - Tripadvisor

Cineworld? Cinema Listings For Glasgow - Renfrew Street - Cineworld

Visit Inverness Visit Inverness Loch Ness: Plan Your Holiday, Break or Day Trip

Quad biking Quad Biking Glasgow - Action Adventure Activities -

Scotland is waiting for you! It's not a university experience. There is only YOUR experience.

Experiences create moments

Moments create memories

Memories create lifelong relationships.

I know you are going to do great things and I'll see you in the next one.

To you.

Bridle Works

The top reasons right now for booking Bridle Works

We spoke to Lucy, the Leasing and marketing manager for the property to ask?

She said,

  1. We have a limited-time offer for students looking to live at Bridle Works. This is a £500 exclusive booking offer! (Currently, all have been taken)

  2. Book as a group of friends and receive a £500 discount offer

  3. Refer a friend and you will both receive a £100 gift card

  4. All rooms have washers/dryers in them meaning no need to take your clothes to the laundry.

  5. There is free grab and go breakfast Monday to Friday with 24/7 coffee

  6. It's only a minute walk to Strathclyde University or Glasgow Caledonian University


Bridle Works is a brand new student accommodation built in September 2021! The rooms are beautiful. With 4 different types of studio plus 5 bedroom en-suites there are plenty of options to choose from. If you would like more privacy then a studio is recommended as they are self-contained with no flatmates. You also have your own ensuite, wall-mounted smart tv, washer/dryer, fully fitted kitchen, and storage space. If you plan to share with friends then a 5 bedroom ensuite is what you are looking for. 5 people sharing with a shared kitchen and relaxing area with your own ensuite and washer/dryer

Bridle Works Info

Postcode - G1 2BQ

Availability - Fully Booked for 21-22

Added Key Features - Karaoke Room, Gym, Relaxation Room, Private dining area, Private meeting room, Games room, Tea lounge, Study spaces,

Current Glasgow Student Accommodation ranking #1

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

January is finally here, refreshers is upon us. However, the festive period has left us (and our bank balances) a little broken. In this edition of the blog, we are going to run through 4 places in Glasgow where you can eat, drink ad enjoy the hustle and bustle of refreshers week without breaking the bank.

Venue #1 Mango

Mango is a Latin-American themed bar/club and is located on Sauchiehall Street meaning it isn’t a far walk from the midst of the city centre. From midweek cocktail deals to weeks jam-packed with events Mango is definitely a location not to be missed.

Every Wednesday Mango hosts an Open Mic night with free entry. This would be a perfect opportunity to sample their amazing menu with Burgers for only £8 whilst scoping out the best of the local music scene – definitely a lot to offer.

Thursday is host to the Mango Quiz night from 8pm offering great prizes to be won and free team entry. Once you have reigned victorious at the quiz, you can continue the celebrations with the Latin Connection night from 10p which includes a variety of music from Reggaeton, RnB, Hip Hop and Latin Urban. It is free entry, but most importantly shots come in at a pretty nifty £1.50.

Ganas #Noromantic Friday is Mangos new club night. It promises a brilliant night and definitely doesn’t do things by halves. From confetti cannons to Doritos giveaways, this night is a must!

The weekend is no different from Tropicante Saturdays and Salsa Sundays it is clear that Mango’s is a night not to be missed on any day of the week.

Instagram - @glasgowmango

Venue #2 –Tingle

Tingle is located just off Buchanan Street and is the prefect location for all students. The venue prides itself on being the best place to pre drink in Glasgow and offers £1.50 shots, £1 vodka and £2 beers, it is definitely not to be sniffed at.

Not only does it offer brilliant drink offers but if you and your friend spend £5 each, they will ensure you both get a free pizza, not between you, but one pizza each...FOR FREE!! This deal is valid everyday for a minimum of 2 people and it valid until 8.30pm. How can you pass on that?

As well as free pizza the venue has an extensive shooter menu, and with being a shooter bar this is to be expected. However, Tingle raises the bar. Here are descriptions of just some of the shots on offer;

Bushtucker Trial – Tequila Gold with a real Mezcal Worm

Mad Scientist – Absinthe, Sambuca, Tequila & Tabasco Sauce

Disco Inferno – Chilli Vodka, Red Aftershock &Hot Sauce

Crazy Scotsman – Buckfast Tonic & Scotch Whiskey

Baby Zombie – White Rum, Absinthe & Mango Sourz

Is it clear that for a night out filled with chaos and free food, Tingle is the place for you!

Instagram - @tinglebar

Venue #3 – Max’s Bar

Venue #4 – Firewater

Last but by no means least Firewater is a firm favourite in Glasgow and when you go, it is no surprise as to why. With a clear focus on good, real music the venue is filled with posters of legendary bands and singers and offers a real quirky vibe.

However, for people that have been before we know that despite the lovely quirky vibe it offers something much, much more. Yes, that’s right you’ve got it, 89p spirit and mixers. You heard me right, 89 PENCE for a vodka lemonade…. Can you believe it?

From weekly quiz nights to the infamous Firewater Thursday night this place is ensured to get you dancing the night away meanwhile meeting some lovely people.

With frequent free food offers and giveaways from winners of the quiz night getting free gig tickets it isn’t any wonder why the people of Glasgow love it so much.

Despite it all this being wonderful for a night out, during the day it is a brilliant venue in which to pop in for lunch and watch the football. With all food made in house it is all of very high standard and all for a great price and a great venue.

Instagram - @firewater_glasgow

As you can tell from these venues, it is clear that Glasgow is the perfect city in which to spend refreshers, if you give these a go you are ensured to have a brilliant week and still have money in the bank by the end of it all.

Of course, this is to use as a rough guide, there a hundreds more hidden gems just like these all around the city.