Updated: Oct 27, 2019

January is finally here, refreshers is upon us. However, the festive period has left us (and our bank balances) a little broken. In this edition of the blog, we are going to run through 4 places in Glasgow where you can eat, drink ad enjoy the hustle and bustle of refreshers week without breaking the bank.

Venue #1 Mango

Mango is a Latin-American themed bar/club and is located on Sauchiehall Street meaning it isn’t a far walk from the midst of the city centre. From midweek cocktail deals to weeks jam-packed with events Mango is definitely a location not to be missed.

Every Wednesday Mango hosts an Open Mic night with free entry. This would be a perfect opportunity to sample their amazing menu with Burgers for only £8 whilst scoping out the best of the local music scene – definitely a lot to offer.

Thursday is host to the Mango Quiz night from 8pm offering great prizes to be won and free team entry. Once you have reigned victorious at the quiz, you can continue the celebrations with the Latin Connection night from 10p which includes a variety of music from Reggaeton, RnB, Hip Hop and Latin Urban. It is free entry, but most importantly shots come in at a pretty nifty £1.50.

Ganas #Noromantic Friday is Mangos new club night. It promises a brilliant night and definitely doesn’t do things by halves. From confetti cannons to Doritos giveaways, this night is a must!

The weekend is no different from Tropicante Saturdays and Salsa Sundays it is clear that Mango’s is a night not to be missed on any day of the week.

Instagram - @glasgowmango

Venue #2 –Tingle

Tingle is located just off Buchanan Street and is the prefect location for all students. The venue prides itself on being the best place to pre drink in Glasgow and offers £1.50 shots, £1 vodka and £2 beers, it is definitely not to be sniffed at.

Not only does it offer brilliant drink offers but if you and your friend spend £5 each, they will ensure you both get a free pizza, not between you, but one pizza each...FOR FREE!! This deal is valid everyday for a minimum of 2 people and it valid until 8.30pm. How can you pass on that?

As well as free pizza the venue has an extensive shooter menu, and with being a shooter bar this is to be expected. However, Tingle raises the bar. Here are descriptions of just some of the shots on offer;

Bushtucker Trial – Tequila Gold with a real Mezcal Worm

Mad Scientist – Absinthe, Sambuca, Tequila & Tabasco Sauce

Disco Inferno – Chilli Vodka, Red Aftershock &Hot Sauce

Crazy Scotsman – Buckfast Tonic & Scotch Whiskey

Baby Zombie – White Rum, Absinthe & Mango Sourz

Is it clear that for a night out filled with chaos and free food, Tingle is the place for you!

Instagram - @tinglebar

Venue #3 – Max’s Bar

Venue #4 – Firewater

Last but by no means least Firewater is a firm favourite in Glasgow and when you go, it is no surprise as to why. With a clear focus on good, real music the venue is filled with posters of legendary bands and singers and offers a real quirky vibe.

However, for people that have been before we know that despite the lovely quirky vibe it offers something much, much more. Yes, that’s right you’ve got it, 89p spirit and mixers. You heard me right, 89 PENCE for a vodka lemonade…. Can you believe it?

From weekly quiz nights to the infamous Firewater Thursday night this place is ensured to get you dancing the night away meanwhile meeting some lovely people.

With frequent free food offers and giveaways from winners of the quiz night getting free gig tickets it isn’t any wonder why the people of Glasgow love it so much.

Despite it all this being wonderful for a night out, during the day it is a brilliant venue in which to pop in for lunch and watch the football. With all food made in house it is all of very high standard and all for a great price and a great venue.

Instagram - @firewater_glasgow

As you can tell from these venues, it is clear that Glasgow is the perfect city in which to spend refreshers, if you give these a go you are ensured to have a brilliant week and still have money in the bank by the end of it all.

Of course, this is to use as a rough guide, there a hundreds more hidden gems just like these all around the city.

Tis the season to be jolly… or extremely skint! December is finally here, first trimester is nearly over and hopefully the Christmas shopping has finally commenced. As everyone knows, Christmas can be a massive strain on finances, this affects everyone and there is no escaping it. However, as a student, buying Christmas gifts or even trying to save money over the festive period can be extremely daunting and difficult. This blog post is going to guide you through a handful of hints and tips in order to assist you in saving a little bit of money over the course of December.

Christmas Temps

For businesses, December is a month of utter chaos. It spells, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, weeks and weeks of Christmas shoppers and at the end of it all, the January sales. During this period you will find lots of jobs advertised on social media and websites like ‘Indeed.’ These vacancies usually come under the phrase Christmas temp that is basically just another way of saying temporary jobs over the Christmas period. These jobs usually last the course of a month, sometimes a bit longer and the main aim is to assist whatever businesses is advertising the role during the festive rush.

As well as allowing you to earn money, there are many other advantages in going for a role like this. As you start applying for jobs during summer etc., you may find that many jobs (especially retail) require previous experience in the sector. In applying to be a Christmas temp, experience isn’t really necessary, as many businesses just need staff and they need it fast, however, this is extremely beneficial for you as it allows you to rack up lots of well-needed experience that could help you in the hunt for a job in future. In addition to this, a job may well be at the other end of this. Despite these jobs being temporary, lots of organisations go on to offer their Christmas temps permanent jobs or a place in graduate schemes. John Lewis, Morrison’s and Asda are all extremely good at offering opportunities. If these aren’t for you, there are many other businesses to chose from so don’t worry.

Budgeting Planner

This is an extremely effective way to see all your finances in real time and to allow yourself to get a real grasp on what’s coming in and what’s going out. At the beginning of each month, allow yourself a quick 30 minutes – 1 hour out of your busy schedule to take a sit down and efficiently work out your expenses.

In a budget plan, you first of all need to work out your income. This is likely to include SAAS (or any other bursary, sponsorship you may have), Wages, money from family or any other savings you may wish to use that month. Once that is all calculated you can proceed to work out your outgoings. Things like, rent, bills, sports memberships and shopping costs are all included in this first. You can then add in social aspects for example, bowling or a cinema trip, a haircut or some new clothes. This allows a healthy balance but also enables you to see what is viable on your income.

After all this is totalled, you may have some extra money – this is brilliant, treat yourself to an extra night out, a takeaway or save it for the upcoming months. If you are balanced, don’t worry, you have planned everything out so all you need to do is stick to the plan and you will get through December with no worries at all. On the occasion you find yourself in the minus that is also fine, maybe the haircut or the new pair of jeans can wait until a month where you have more financial leeway. Or in other cases, follow the steps in this blog and maybe it’ll assist you in cutting costs or earning some more money.

Grocery Shopping

When it comes to cutting costs, there are so many cheats you can use in order to save money. Websites like ‘My Money Supermarket’ and ‘Money Saving Expert’ can all assist you in hunting out deals when it comes to food shopping and everything else.

My Money Supermarket compares all the big supermarkets and shops in terms of all their products and allows you to see what the cheapest route is. Doing this before you shop will stop you hunting for bargains as you go due to the fact you already know you are in the right place.

In addition to this, shopping at night also holds great benefits. Other than it being less busy and queues being shorter you will find that lots of, if not all supermarkets reduce food more and more the closer it gets to closing time. The prices on items like meal deals, pizzas and fruit and veg are all slashed in order to encourage people to buy these to prevent them getting thrown out. In the process saving you a fortune on your food bill.

Another thing you can do whilst out for your weekly shop is always look out for the reduced section. In many places there are shelves and shelves full of products that are all reduced to ridiculously cheap prices. There are many misconceptions when it comes to reduced items that lead people to avoid it. For example, many people believe that the food is out of date, but if you look closely, products have a display until tag, this allows supermarkets to continually rotate stock, however, the food is in perfect condition. Take advantage of this section fast as products are often taken fast due to how big the discounts are.

Student Bank Account

Student bank accounts are very effective in assisting you with handling money. They allow planned overdrafts with no interest; savings accounts and they also come with many enticements.

During the Christmas period, there may be many trips you need to make to various parties or even going home to visit family. Travel expenses can be extremely expensive and especially at this time of year. If you research different banks, you will find that all of them offer things like NUS cards, Railcards and National Express cards, allowing you discounts on whatever mode of travel you use most.

Here are a few banks and what they offer;

Santander – 123 Current Account – Gives you a 16-25 Rail card - Without use of a student account this rail card sets you back £30. If you were to join Santander, you would not only get this for free, but it also saves you 1/3 on all journeys across the UK. In addition to this, it also gives you discounts on shops and eateries, which makes it very beneficial for the student finances.

Bank of Scotland - Student Account – NUS card – This card on a normal day would cost around £12 - £14, which doesn’t seem like a substantial amount of money, however, in getting it for free it allows you to spend that on something else. NUS cards are extremely in demand and offer a wide range of discounts. Discounts on things from access to Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Major discounts on your favourite restaurants, Gym Membership and even headphones. This is a brilliant deal for the student.

Royal Bank of Scotland – Student Current Account – Young Persons coach card – This usually costs £12.50 – again not a lot of money but even better if it is free. This card allows you a guaranteed 1/3 off all busses on national express even peak times and during holidays. It also offers discounts for Pizza Express and Pizza Hut.

As you can see looking into a student bank account may be extremely beneficial and ease some of the strain on your purse or wallet.


Don’t forget the obvious one! Your very own student card opens many gateways to discounts that will help you save money. Make sure you download the Unidays app in order to see what’s on offer for you.

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Halfway through November, who knew after the dragged out January we had that this year would go so fast? Christmas is around the corner… and with this comes the dreaded exam timetable. All those lectures you thought didn’t matter and missed because of the hangover now matter more than ever and the panic is setting in.

Throughout this blog I am going to guide you into (hopefully) nailing your exams and if you’re anything like me, you’re definitely going to need it.

Tip #1 – DON’T PANIC

We are all guilty of feeling that we are worse off than everyone else we know when it comes to revision. We all think everyone has done more than us, but we couldn’t be more wrong.

The main cause of worry and stress during exam time is thinking that you are alone. Let me assure you that you’re not. If you take the time to sit back and think of all the Universities, all the courses and all the students studying its very clear that there are thousands of us all in the same boat and we all have our worries about the same thing. Problems that won’t matter in a few months down the line when you are getting you’re A- star results through.

If the feeling of loneliness and panic is setting in, never forget there are always people you can talk to. Course mates could be the best people to reach out to during these times, they know exactly what you are going through and could probably do with a bit of help too. You could consider holding a meeting maybe once a week with friends on your course, you will find that you all have a lot of different strengths that may prove useful when trying to pull each other through. You can compare revision techniques and talk to each other – sometimes a chat is all you need to clear your head and put you back on track.

Tip #2 - PLAN

The timetable is out, you reach to the notes and suddenly you realise how much revision