It all starts with you

We want students to help us on a freelance basis to give you the skills and experience to do well

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 At Rock Students, our mission is to help students  studying in scotland change their lives.

we help with securing your accommodation, have so much fun and guide students through the difficult times at university.

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I don't want students to struggle. I want them to have a happy life.

Ross Evans

  helping you get experience

we want to help you get experience, actual practical experience to learn on your own terms. so what to you do at university and how can we help you get that bit more experience on things like marketing, seo, sales? whatever you do let us know and we'll help you. 

 whatever you do let us know and we'll help you. helping us is completely up to you and so is how long. 1 week? 1 month? 1 year? we will always give you a reference to a potential employer and that's how we aim to help.

 We'll give you free access to our up coming course "conquer your life" guiding you to become your very best self at university

Lastly we just want to thank you and let you all know you are such a benefit. thank you for helping us and spreading the message of Ross. The warmth you bring and the hard work is something we'll always appreciate.

will you be next?