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its time to go mum and dad. bye!

So they got their place at university but now they need to move out! It can be an exciting yet sad time for parents when a child is becoming an adult and with the happiness of getting a place comes the reality that they most go out into the world on there own two feet. At this time the support you can give them will be instrumental in them enjoying the experience of a new home in a new city.

Higher education is becoming increasingly competitive and costly and students are now more prone than ever to be helped by parents with university and accommodation costs.


Picking the right accommodation will have a massive effect on the happiness and well being of every child living away from home.


We are always on hand to discuss your priorities and will make the extra effort to find the best suited accommodation and put your mind at ease but here is some information to help you in your search for accommodation.

booking a room

What is your booking process?

We have a number of accommodations that all offer different methods of booking which is why Rock Students will do everything for you. Call or email us with the initial enquiry and depending on what accommodation is chosen we will take you through the booking process. Some are booking forms, some are booking codes, etc.

Once we have all your information we will then contact the accommodation provider who will take your deposit and complete your booking.

How much is the deposit?

Most properties require a £250 deposit. Some actually require 0 deposit and again this depends which accommodation provider is chosen. If no damage has taken place the full deposit is then returned. Our partners will return the deposit as soon as possible. Some other providers have been known to fail to return your deposit with some students waiting a year for the return! Let us make sure that doesn't happen. All deposits will be protected by the deposit protection scheme Scotland and the website is attached here

How are rooms allocated?

When applying for rooms students will be asked a series of questions to determine the type of room/flat that they require, along with any special requests.

Please note that special requests cannot be guaranteed.

We will make every effort to meet the needs of students with disabilities or special needs. If you have a medical condition or special needs that affect your accommodation requirement please inform us in the additional notes section when completing your application, either online or by paper form.

Applicants are encouraged to disclose any special requirements (medical, religious, etc.) to enable us to make an informed allocation. Where appropriate, an applicant may be prioritized through the allocation categories as a result of a special requirement disclosure.

How do I cancel?

Please see our -


Ways to pay?

There are various options to make payments, these include online payments via your accommodation provider, directly at the property with a debit or credit card, or by bank transfer. Please note credit cards will incur a charge set by your accommodation provider.

being a guarantor

What is a guarantor?

When a student chooses to pay in instalments, the student will need a guarantor to sign the tenancy paperwork. A guarantor is a third party, such as a parent or relative who takes joint financial responsibility for the tenancy if the student fails to pay their rent.


Who can be a guarantor?

A guarantor has to be over the age of 18, be a UK resident and be in full time employment. (we do have one accommodation provider who will accept international guarantors)

What do I need to provide to be a guarantor?

You can provide:

(i) A copy of proof of identity (with photograph) such as:

  • Passport

  • Driving License

  • ID Badge

(ii) A copy of proof of address (less than 3 months old) such as:

  • Utility bill statement (i.e. Electricity, Water, Telephone)

  • Bank statement

  • Council tax bill for current year


What if my son/daughter is an international student?

If your son/daughter is an international student in most cases they will need a UK guarantor to secure a room but one client does accept international guarantors. This is only if they choose to pay their contract in instalments.

For those who cannot provide a guarantor will act as UK based guarantors for international students. For more information about please visit

For students who choose to pay in full, they will not be required to provide a guarantor.

moving in

Will car parking be

available at the property

Parking is available for certain properties, however, if there is no parking available at the property, there will be designated drop-off areas. This information will be communicated to your son/daughter prior to moving in.

What about bedding

and kitchen items?

Bedding and kitchen items are not provided but can be purchased and placed in your room, ready for your arrival.

living at the property

Who’s who at the property? 

Property Teams

A Property Manager and their team will have responsibility for day-to-day security, cleaning, maintenance and health & safety within your student accommodation complex.

Student Wardens

Our clients where possible recruits and trains students who live on-site to act as wardens during the periods when the property team are off-duty. Student Wardens can advise on safety, security and anti-social behaviour where needed and are a vital part of the student accommodation experience. 

What welfare support is available?

The property team will direct and advise residents as to where they will be able to get the correct support and information if needed.

Can my son/daughter live at the property for more than 1 year

Yes, the majority of properties are able to be rebooked for the next year but this must be done directly with the accommodation provider.

How safe are the accommodation?

Feeling safe and secure are paramount to Rock Students, but especially when your son/daughter moves away. All our clients offer 24 hour onsite staff as well as 24 hour CCTV cameras installed at the appropriate areas on site along with secure access door systems, and all bedrooms are lockable. A 24 hour contact number will be provided to students to be able to call should they have any concerns regarding safety & security at any point.

Do we need to arrange insurance?

A basic level of insurance will be provided from a specific insurance brand covering different insurance terms. You can upgrade this level of cover should you wish.

What happens with mail and other deliveries?

A postal collection service operates during office hours – Monday to Friday. Students will be required to present valid photograph ID for when they come to collect the parcel.

Are there laundry facilities at the property?

All properties have onsite laundry facilities that are chargeable; prices may differ per property. The number of machines will be dependant on the size of the property. The main provider for our laundry machines is Circuit laundry

What are the ANUK – Code of Standards?

All our partner properties are accredited by ANUK†, a body recognised by all UK Universities, the Student Union and the UK Government for defining a code of standards for student accommodation. This means they have demonstrated excellence in fundamental areas such as; property condition, management as well as forming sound relationships with students. With us you can be confident everything is taken care of, so you can simply move in and make the most of student life. For more info on ANUK visit the website here.