Couple Checking In

develop the staff member, enhance the check-in experience

accelerate your ability to communicate, connect and care during check-in

What is student accommodation check-in training and why do you need it

Training from someone  who's been there

The run-up to check-in is filled with so much energy and emotion as we try to make things as perfect as can be for our students arriving for the academic year. Our valued staff are really pushed to a tipping point when they agree to work so many days in a row, clean, paint, take calls, help existing residents, and so on. When we get through this point we come to one of the most important days in the career of accommodation staff. CHECK-IN DAY.  A queue has formed at the check-in desk and although you have arrived early to start the day you feel a feeling inside that you can't quite explain. You've had this incredible build-up to such an important day and while students are waiting excitedly to check-in, you feel anxious, overwhelmed and you doubt yourself in that you can't give your student who has arrived at the property the best experience YOU can give them. You feel uneasy talking to a new person or you don't know what to say or maybe you get stuck in your head and think maybe the room you're going to isn't the best and that affects how you perform for that one check-in. This is experienced mostly but not by all accommodation staff but I guarantee you doubt yourself at some point of this journey you take your student on. Well, why do we do this? Let me tell you.
You are human.
Firstly it's fine. You are amazing and I'm sure you have things that you can do in another setting that you are better at than anybody else.
Secondly, because of my first point, I know that you can get better at check-in with a little help, training, and positive methodology that will allow you to get better at check-in but also use some new skills that will help you in your life.
Third and finally, you need to want it. You need to embrace change and agree that you are good but you could be better and in time you could be a master of check-in and a master of yourself.


Mountain Range

An investment in your staff and your property

Do you want your staff to understand the inner game they are playing during check-in?

Can your staff make a slight change to enhance the experience during check-in?

If they do can we have the opportunity to make a positive impact on them and your property?

with time, passion and emotion we'll improve anybody

what we look at

An introduction to your inner puzzle

Managing state change

Great team, great check in

Communicate, connect and care

Emotional relationships

Mock check in training

Training that starts with you and ends in success

At the Office

Let us build trust with you

We understand the apprehension, anxiety, and reluctance to outsourced training so here is an offer to build trust, and although we are certain in our training sometimes that is not enough to show you the value of what we do.

So for your first property, we will do a FULL training with your team completely FREE and if you think that training brought value to the people of your organisation we can move forward and get the training out to your other properties for a fee to be negotiated.


lastly, a quick message from ross and thank you for your interest in our partnership

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